Pultenaea microphylla – Spreading bush pea

Scientific names: Pultenaea microphylla

Common names: Spreading bush pea

Plant family: FABACEAE

Species description: Prostrate or erect plant to 1 m high. Leaves are narrow-obovate, 2–9 mm, with a blunt end. Bears yellow and red pea-flowers in upper axils in spring.

Associates species: Eucalyptus macrorhyncha, E. goniocalyx and E. polyanthemos with Cassinia arcuata and Dillwynia sericea.

Soils: Red-brown stony clay.

Habitat: Mid-slope on hillside in gently undulating hills, E aspect.Open Eucalyptus woodland with sparse shrubby undergrowth.Open-forest of

Cultivation: Propagation from scarified seed. Good drainage is important and a soil rich in leaf litter is an advantage. Should accept full sun or partial shade. (Ground covers suitable for sloping banks) Frost hardy plants.

Landforms planted: