Juncus aridicola – Tussock rush

Scientific names: Juncus aridicola

Common names: Tussock rush

Plant family: JUNCACEAE

Species description: Shortly rhizomatous perennial. Culms terete, 55-115 cm long, 1.3-5.5 mm diam., soft, grey-green, often glaucous; culm striations 40-115; pith interrupted. Cataphylls 9-24 cm long, ± lax, abaxially yellow-brown, often pink-tinged, to red-brown at base, adaxially silvery to golden brown. Inflorescence pseudolateral, diffuse, 6-14 cm long; flowers numerous, solitary or occasionally loosely clustered; lowest involucral bract 10-40 cm long, longer than inflorescence. Tepals straw-brown, with broad hyaline margins; outer tepals 1.8-3.0 mm long, longer than or equalling inner tepals. Stamens 3 (rarely to 6), shorter than outer tepals; anthers 0.4-0.9 mm long. Capsule longer than outer tepals, ellipsoid, broad-acute to obtuse, not or scarcely apiculate, golden brown. Flowers spring-summer.

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Habitat: Widespread in western divisions in seasonally or permanently wet situations


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