Acaena agnipila –

Scientific names: Acaena agnipila

Common names:

Plant family: ROSACEAE

Species description: Herb with stems 20-50 cm high, erect or ascending, ± densely pilose with spreading hairs. Leaves usually 17-23-foliolate, leaflets ovate to oblong, 8-15 mm long, 6-9 mm wide, densely appressed-pilose below, moderately appressed-pilose above. Flowers and fruiting hypanthia in long interrupted spikes with 3 or 4 flowers scattered on the stem below; peduncles pilose. Fruiting hypanthia ovoid, glabrous or pilose; spines glabrous, 30-40, all 1-2.5 mm long.

Associates species: Eucalyptus albens, Poa sieberiana, mixed herbs, Themeda triandra.

Soils: Young granite; pink and orange sandstone.

Habitat: Widespread in eastern half of the State. Mid-slope 15 degree S aspect in hilly country; road verge; mid-slope 5 degree StreamsidesW aspect; grassy woodland.


Landforms planted: